In an interview with Tim Trilioni concerning his music and about what we can expect from him prior to the release of his album in December Tim Trilioni discussed with us some quite revealing and powerful new projects he will be teaming up on and it’s not all about music either but as he stated “it’s all about the healing.”  Tim Trilioni Corona Virus Music


What many don’t know is that Tim Trilioni is not just a singer, rapper and producer but also a prolific writer, researcher, psychotherapist, doctor and businessman that is and has been always deeply involved with working with assisting individuals with disabilities, autism support and homeless advocacy! Tim Trilioni has struggled through many plights related to the aforementioned. In our conversation, Tim Trilioni stated “who knows a subject better than someone who’s lived it.” We chuckled at the quick--witted response because it was nothing but real talk coming from the gifted and multi-talented Tim Trilioni.


Tim Trilioni has partnered with several other mental health agencies, researchers and writers and will be launching a first of its kind program to assist those in need of immediate crisis intervention and mental health services. This service will instantly connect individuals with real- time professionals and paraprofessionals that can best assist the individual in need. This is especially helpful for those in crisis. As Tim Trilioni stated in the interview “this is needed for people that feel as though they have exhausted all options of hope to live and go on in life.” He went on to state that he is “…excited to launch this platform. It can really change the game on how we see mental health and stop the stigma and make seeking help less taboo.”


In the next months resources will be at the public’s disposal by following these links: (ethnic minority issues)       (vulnerable populations and children)

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